Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The finished homeschool cupboard. The books need some more organizing, but there is no way they would stay organized.

Leapsters on the couch. Real brother bonding time. Real momma break time.

Christmas Day. All the presents are piled to one side of the living room. Way cool presents from family. What do they want? Blankets, pillows and movies. I gotta hand it to them though. It looks pretty cozy. M being the oldest got dibs on the new fuzzy blanket from my mom. Good present!

Yesterday was our first day back to Village Home.. It was so nice to be back with our homeschooling friends. I led an activity on handsewing that went pretty well. I see how much I need to do to prepare for next week though if I am going to keep everyone interested. I have 6 year olds, 11 year olds and adults. And since it is a drop in activity, that could change from week to week. Broad range!
Afterwards we went over to Aunt J's for a very yummy lunch. Then we went for a walk on one of the cool walkways near her apartment and fed the ducks. What an awesome day. I'm crossing my fingers that today goes well too. Didn't start out great what with big bad mom demanding the dw be unloaded. Aparently we have a slave who is running away soon. But he has decided to stay until after Grandpa visits this weekend. Now he is playing (fairly) happily with G and asking for breakfast. Maybe that is a good sign?


Lanna said...

I have cupboard envy.

Rasjane? I can't figure it out. It's probably really obvious.

MMM&M said...

can you come organize my cabinets? hahah. looks great!