Sunday, January 28, 2007

More organizing

I must be on a roll. This week, my saint of a sister in law came over
and helped me with my pantry. So now I can find all my food. WooHoo!
I guess it is technically not a pantry. The dolts who built this house never planned on anyone actually using the kitchen. Therefore there are cupboards for dishes and such, but no logical place to put food. So I improvised by erecting a shelf unit in the dining room. Due to my lack of housekeeping ability, stuff just got thrown on it for the 3 years we have been here, but never really was organized or cleaned very well. We shall see if my attempts at organizing it this time work out for the long haul.
This is getting to be a good game. Wonder what I should work on next?

Tuesday we leave for a week with the family in Idaho. The boys are very excited to see the grandparents and cousins. I am happy to be getting a break too. M says we need a "change of scenery" and I agree.

Although I threaten to send my children off the public school when we're having a rough day, I am beginning to see how much I would hate that. I am teaching a class at Village Home, as well as M being enrolled in several classes. When we began planning our trip to Idaho, I initially wanted to speng longer there. But, due to our committments to VH, we can't. I had the realization that, in public or private school, I would totally be at the mercy of someone else's calendar. That would drive me insane! Then I would have to rebel--'cuz that's me. Good ol' homeschooling!

Speaking of homeschooling, we just started learning about Shakespeare. I have mentioned Shakespeare to M before and of course we have run accross quotes and references to his plays and sonnets before. Just recently he read the Magic Tree House book, Shakespeare on a Friday Night. We got a stack of books about Shakespeare from the library and dove in. He is loving it! I am really surprised. I would not have predicted something like this to fascinate him. I think he is really enjoying the history side of it more, but Ol' Will really holds his interest too. Amazing.

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mollie said...

have a safe trip--- g-ma is coming out to visit us next week...