Tuesday, March 03, 2009

M's cinquain

We are reading and having fun with Dr Seuss this week in honor of the great doctor's birthday. Yes, we know he wasn't a doctor and that his real name was Theodore Seuss Geisel. But his works are awesome!
Today we made little hat books, read Cat in the Hat and talked about what kind of machine M would make to clean up the house.
G learned about words that end in "__at". M learned about cinquain poems. Here is his:

tiny miracle
crying, kicking, sleeping
kicks me
All before lunch!
Yes, I am feeling accomplished today. I did have the kids get all their bedding off their beds so I could wash it. It's all clean (not all dry) and that is a milestone. I'm not very good at keeping up with that laundry. The real test is to see how long it takes (and how many tears) to get all the bedding back on the beds. Has to happen before they can go to bed, right?
Yesterday I managed to prune the roses out front. I have GOT to learn that a bunch of bending over hurts like hades the next day. Wonder if I'll figure that out before May?


Shady Lady said...

I hate washing sheets, changing sheets, making beds...but I love climbing into bed on freshly washed sheets. I wonder how I can make that happen without doing the three things I hate...

Anonymous said...

My mom's solution was to teach *me* how to do my own laundry plus the family bedding and my dad's work clothes lol. I think I was 12 or 13 at the time. Hmm....I really should teach my 11 yo and 14 yo to be more useful around the house.


RasJane said...

My mom had a great solution to teaching me to do more. She went back for a 2nd masters! I learned to cook out of self defense-my dad was a full time coach and teacher. She taught me to make white sauce and ideas for what to throw in it. Bro and I had a lot of pasta!
The other thing she did was go on laundry strikes. Whenever she got tired of seeing clean laundry on the floor or not picked up out of the laundry room, she quit doing laundry. Eventually we would run out of clothes and have to do a load. Good thing she had also taught us how. That could have been interesting for awhile.