Friday, March 27, 2009

The $191 breast pad

As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of cloth/reusable personal products. I use cloth on the babes and me, in the bathroom some, give the kids diapers for nose when sick...
So I plan to use cloth nursing pads again. I do have a box of Lansinoh pads for heavy duty or outings or when I feel I need them, but I have been sewing up some nice cloth ones. My first batch was to use up some hemp fleece scraps from making more fitted diapers. They were all done and beautiful and ready to wash. So I threw them in with a load. Then put them in the dryer. At that point, my attention got called away (phone maybe?) for a few minutes. When I came back, E was happily playing in the dryer. Of course.
I put everything back and started it up.
Not a good sound at all.
I pulled the lint screen out and checked inside.
I asked C to take it apart. He couldn't get the cover off and didn't want to break it.
I asked if I could take it apart.
He expressed extreme discomfort with the idea of an 7 1/2 months preggo woman taking apart a 220 volt appliance. He may have had a point there...
So I called Sears service center.
Sure they can send someone out. In 4 days....
It's $65 for the service call, and any parts/labor are extra.
For $191 I can get the extended warranty that covers all service PLUS $500 towards a new dryer if they can't fix this one.
Thinking back to my washing machine experience -- $231 part plus labor all covered by the warranty --- I decided that sounded like an excellent idea.
So, along comes Thursday. The much awaited time. I have a Mt. Hood of laundry and I've switched back to sposie diapers. I don't mind line drying when it's not pouring rain outside.
In 5 minutes, the repair guy walks out with the nursing pad.
"It was just this Ma'am."
Shoulda just stuck with the $65 call.
At least he was nice enough to show me how to fix it "next time". His words, not mine.

Hey, at least I can now say I have the most expensive nursing pads ever!


Shady Lady said...

Too funny!! I'm so sorry...

P.S. Classes start back next week...COME VISIT!

RasJane said...

Day and time?

Shady Lady said...

We're there Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday...hanging in the nursery on Tuesday afternoon 1:45 - 3 and Thursday afternoon 12:15 - 1:30. Most of the usuals are there. :)

Nourishing Traditions is Tuesday at 12:30.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happend to me, except it was the washer, not dryer. PaR tried to fix it, got it apart, but had to call repairman anyway. It was one of my cloth nursing pads, stuck in the drain. It wasn't funny then, but it sure is now!

MMM&M said...

oh S---- hahaha!!! that so totally sounds like something that would happen in our household!!!