Sunday, March 08, 2009

More toddler antics

I don't have a picture. Sorry. It's gross. And I have an incredible husband. Who does things for me when I don't want to.
But you want to know the story, don't you?
Yesterday, we were preparing to head out to run some errands. Since the sun didn't stick around for the weekend. So we couldn't do yard work.
I managed to get the 3 boys ready to go, with snacks, mind you. I went to put on my shoes. I may have learned my lesson about not hiding them. E loves to put on everyone's shoes and walk around the house. They don't necessarily make it back to the shoe bench by the door. Mine sure didn't. I looked for about 15 minutes for my 2 favorite pair and gave up. I found another pair. I looked again before the birth center potluck. I have one of each pair.
Figuring I needed to have shoes that look better with a dress for today than sneakers, I enlisted the help of M. We searched every room in the house. Every drawer, cupboard nook and cranny. Even all the child-locked ones. No luck.
M mentioned something about the heat registers. Worth a look I thought. First one I looked in was the one by the front door. Sure enough, there was my Dansko! And what was that waaaaayyy down below? My other J-41. But, ewwww.
I called for my dear, sweet husband. He stuck his arm allllll the way down. Up to his shoulder. In dust and pet hair (I still haven't called the duct cleaners--its on the list). Blech!
NowI just have to clean them up to the point I'm brave enough to wear them.
And hit the hardware store. Or rather, send C to the hardware store. Those grates are getting screwed down this week.


Caitlin said...

Eeeew. Aren't hubbies great? Lol!

Lanna said...

One thing I like about Danskos is that they tend to clean up fairly well.

You have got crazy creative kids!