Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I find it disturbing that my toddler prefers the peel of the banana. He picks it up, turns it around and eats it from the end. Yes, even the black part at the bottom.
Isn't that bitter and gross?
What do your kids eat that totally disgusts and/or disturbs you? Do you let them? Did they grow out of it?


Mommy Bee said...

Um, I don't know...Both my kids eat nose boogies. :(

My DH eats bananas upside down--when you open it from the black end then you are left with a handle to hold onto as you eat. DH tells me he learned this by watching monkeys. I've never watched a monkey eat a banana, but (in spite of making fun of him for it) I have to agree it's a very logical way to eat the thing. Except we don't eat the peels, um, no.

Anonymous said...

My daughter sucked on lemons and ate the occasional lemon peel for a couple of years--and she wasn't even a toddler. Thank goodness she stopped once puberty hit. Our pediatrician said she probably had some pre-puberty vitamin deficiency that made her crave them, peel and all.

I agree that it's pretty gross though. :)

MMM&M said...

I have never heard of eating banana peels!! that would HAVE to taste bitter? but I suppose won't hurt them-- just wash the outsides good when you get them home, huh?

my husband loves milk & clamato juice. it makes me want to gag just to look at it.

Macie loves peanut butter & bananas mashed up in a bowl. again, it is how it LOOKS. not so much the taste.