Thursday, May 01, 2008

Kid pics

My biggest little man. Wow, is he ever growing up! M is getting pretty good about helping out around the house--with a bit of coaxing. I think we've discussed this before?
I can see that mental shift starting to occur where he is moving from being a little child to a tween. It's a fun thing to watch--sometimes.

Everyone loves baby feet. Even the baby! Look at that flexibility!

My little photographer. He actually totally filled the memory card on the old camera. That's 3oo pictures folks. Some of them are even pretty good. I'll have to sort through them and post a couple if I get time.

My mom made matching outfits for the boys. They wouldn't wear the pants this day-except G, but the shirts are cute anyway. I'm going to try again for a complete outfit picture, Mom. And, M--see my laundry chair? I told ya!


PapaCoyote said...

I have heard it said in these parts that one is really pretty bad. Cute pictures. Gramma already has some more clothes sewn and stacked in readiness for our next contact--even a car seat cover with secret pockets!

MMM&M said...

I feel ya about the 'tween thing. Kind of makes me proud, kind of makes me sad. you know?

I DO know that my M vacillates between playing horses with his sister, to not wanting to be within 10 feet of her. it is confusing for her. I feel for both of them.