Saturday, May 10, 2008

Everytime I turn around...

He's doing this:
E has learned to pull himself up and is full of pride for his new skill. What a whirlwind he's been. He learned to crawl while my mom was visiting in late March, he cut his first tooth almost a month ago now, and now he's upright. He was trying to figure out that whole furniture cruising thing last night. Egads.
Yesterday morning, when C came downstairs, I heard a very distinct "Da!" from E. He has babbled dada in the past, but this time he seemed to connect the sound with the object. My tiny guy is growing up. *sniff* And here Lanna thought she was going to meet my baby.

In other news...

They do know how to get along:
M and G share a loft bed with M on the top. Over M's bed is a large canopy. Sometimes, when he is feeling particularly generous, he allows G to enter his domain. They often cover the whole thing with blankets and set up flashlights. In this picture, they've hauled up a fair sampling of the kid bookshelves and settled in. Cute, no?


Brightonwoman said...

oh so cute!
Bear was standing around 9mo, walked about 10, and was RUNNING shortly thereafter. Crazy kid!

I love the boys reading on the bunk. reminds me of my punkins. :)

PapaCoyote said...

Hey, slow down E. Papa Coyote is missing out on the baby part. Next time I will see you, you will be running around keeping up with M and G.

RasJane said...

Brightonwoman, my G was the same way. Almost frightening. It doesn't seem the mental development is ready for the world to go by so fast. We'll see what E does. I don't think he'll walk very soon. But I've been wrong before.

Papa- I guess you'll have to come visit. We are going to try to see you in May when we come down. We don't have all the plans worked out yet though. Typical us, huh?