Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The funny things they say

We were planting the garden last week and M was helping GramRe with the lettuce bed. She had him mix the seeds with sand so they could evenly broadcast over the area. M refused to touch the seeds. When asked why, he responded, "because they'll stick under my fingernails and grow there!"
Fair enough. I mean, really, who wants lettuce growing from his fingers?

On Sunday, we went for a walk with GramRe and Aunt J. G was holding J's hand when they came to a street. "Look for cars. Do you see any coming?"
"Nope!" Says G. He looked right at his shoes and didn't see a single car! Obviously it was safe.

And I do think G may be a bit of a masochist. This morning, M kept losing his temper with G. Totally freak out lose the temper-ish. So I told him that one more outburst and he'd have to go elsewhere to cool off (his room). So, not 20 minutes later, G eggs M on, M lashes out and grabs G, throwing him down in a rage. I grab M by the arm and guide him to the stairs, where he proceeds to throw a huge fit. G is sobbing about M hurting him.
10 minutes later, G is crying again because he can't play with his brother. What, being hit 4 times in one day isn't enough?

Monday, when I took GramRe to the airport, we stopped at IKEA. Among our purchases were 2 laundry hampers for the boys' room. So far they've been sharing a hamper that was falling apart. So I told them how they would be responsible for bringing their own hamper downstairs to the laundry room when it's full. Every day since, G has dutifully brought his hamper downstairs and dumped the contents on the floor of my laundry room. "It's full!" he proclaims of the single outfit inside. I guess at least it's getting emptied.


Lanna said...

*serious rofls*

I used to believe the one about watermelons growing in your tummy.

Poor M, it's rough being the oldest and having siblings that just. won't. leave you alone.

PapaCoyote said...

G has learned to work the system to his best advantage because he is a keen observer.