Friday, May 16, 2008

I did it myself!

I have a surprise for all of you, but first, a bit of E cuteness. He likes to crawl up under the chair, pull himself up and scream in a fun, playful, split your ears sorta way. It's delightful! See?Now, some may believe the rumor that circulates that I may not know how to do my own dishes. That is becuase I don't. Well, not really. I load the dishwasher a few times a day. But I don't handwash. I scrub out the pans when I need them. Same with knives. But I don't often take the time to fill up the sink, wash all the dishes, dry them, put them away and wipe the counters. I blame my kids. Really, I do. There just isn't time to stand in the kitchen.
But the kitchen was getting bad. The weather is nice. I sent the kids outside (I think, I don't remember if they went out or stayed in--this was like, a day and half ago for crying out loud!) and I cleaned the kitchen. Here ya go! It looks awful again already. After all, its a kitchen.

And because I'm a nice mom:This is a castle or something. Isn't it the coolest one you've ever seen?

Oh, and because I need to learn more cooking skills, Mhas been taken off all grains. Hopefully temporarily. But we are going to try eggs and see how that goes. He tested clear for them.


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness girl. I am proud of you for the kitchen. I am the same way and I am working on it today for real. It will get done tonight I am closer then I have been in weeks. soon it will be time to tackle that moutain of laundry. I am proud of myself today to. The school needed someone to help out on a weekly thing. At first I said sure but then I called them up today and told them that I could not take on another task at this time. I said no! I don't even feel bad about it. I may be recovering from "never say no" disease that has plauged me. Andy will be so happy.
The kidos are adorable. M is lucky that he has a momma who is so smart and can come up with stuff to feed him. Miss you. -Spring

PapaCoyote said...

Uhhhh, I am speechless! Probably interacting with the kiddos has more long lasting benefit, though. There you go--words of wisdom right from the coyote den.