Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A week's menu--rotation style

So, the rotation diet is underway since Monday. Below is the week menu I have come up with so far. I need to now sit down and plan out farther so I can make a reasonable grocery list. It is going alright so far. I'm way to stressed about it. But now that I have one week planned out, and 2 days having gone off alright, I'm feeling a bit better about the planning aspect.
I found out that the waiting list for a side of grass fed beef is over 2 months--same for pork. But it is only $2.30/# hanging weight. Not sure exactly what that will translate to dressed weight, but it will still be far better than the $15+/# I'm paying currently for grass-fed beef.
Then I called a woman here in town who gets free-range chickens from couple who raises them south of here. I got three 6# chickens at $2/# and ordered 7 more. They should be here next month.
But I'm still a bit worried about what this whole food thing is going to cost. Not to mention visits to the nutritional therapist, and a nutritionist (an appt I still need to make so I can get these menus more balanced), plus any supplements the therapists recommends. And then of course there is the sheer amount of time I spend in the kitchen and making menus and finding recipes and making recipes and shopping lists.
Here's the menu this week:

Tomorrows Prep
Teff Muffins
Chicken Strips
Hot dogs
Sweet potato chips
leftover muffins
lunch stuff
Teff Flatbread
Chicken and veggies
pack amap
make muffins
thaw pot roast
make beef patties
pot roast leftovers with shredded squash & apples
beef patties
millet spoon bread
fruit rollups
leftover bread
beef stew

thaw bacon?
amaranth pancakes
M&M-toasted amaranth with avocado dressing
amaranth tortillas
pulled pork

muffin mix
quinoa muffins
salmon salad
veggie soup with friends
quinoa granola
quinoa/veggie soup
pancake mix
sorghum pancakes
hot dogs rolled in pancakes
sorghum cookies
pancake mix
thaw beef patties
teff pancakes
beef patties
carrot & celery sticks
leftover beef stew from freezer
apple sauce
teff cookies
meatballs made with leftover teff flatbread from Mon
veggies in palm oil and nut. yeast

millet scones
leftover pulled pork from freezer
apples and oranges after church
ham and millet balls
carrot and raisin slaw

We learned more about M's peanut allergy yesterday. He had a reaction to peanuts in the air. His class made those peanut butter bird feeders that you make a shape and press bird seed into. His friend came out and asked if M could be around peanuts. My fault--I assumed she meant she wanted to eat a pb&j around him. I should have said no, but told her if she washed her hands and was careful, it should be alright. I never imagined the teacher--who knew he was peanut allergic--would have a mass peanut butter craft in the classroom! She brought gloves and thought that would be enough. Yikes. He knew not to even get near the craft or the kids doing it. He said in the far corner of the room. But that peanut smell was strong. And enough.
His face broke out in hives and another parent in the room noticed, thank goodness. I made a frantic trip to the store (too many red lights) to get Benadryl. He is okay--still a rash on his face and he's a bit scratchy. Thank goodness it wasn't a full blown reaction.
I've learned to be more careful. I had admittedly gotten too complacent. Letting people be around him with nuts. Not packing the epi-pen or benadryl. But now I know. Hopefully, I won't get relaxed again. And some other parents with food allergic kids and I are going to help write a food allergy policy for Village Home. Too many people think food allergies mean you have to eat it to have a reaction.

ETA: I have one more column on the right of the table. It's not showing up. Hmm. Anyway, it is a prep for tomorrow column. I'm especially proud of that one!


MMMandM said...

I am so impressed with your meal planning!! hopefully it will inspire me...

I wish I had an exciting story about how I tore my rotator cuff... I played a lot of tennis in college, which the dr said led to arthritic changes, and it gradually sawed it down with repetitive motion until it snapped. ugh. I'm about 3 weeks out from surgery now, and feeling much better! the pt isn't a lot of fun though.

the tornados were all around us, but not in our immediate area. it was REALLY stormy here that night though, we have a lot of limbs down from trees..

mmmandm said...

do you take reader requests? haha! If so, what is your favorite recipe that you have found or created that you really like better than the traditional mainstream recipe?

RasJane said...

Wow, that's a toughie. I'm pretty proud of my gf/df/eg... bread recipe--that I can't use for M anymore.
I'll try to post a few of our favorites soon. Of course, if you talk to C, he will explain very well how unlikely it is to see me following a recipe!