Sunday, February 10, 2008

pictures at last

Momma and the oldest. Also a reference picture of his face for later. This was before the peanut incident. I look a little odd because I'm trying not to drop the camera while G bounces around like the little electron he has been named after.
My three boys. The joy of my life, the cause of all the insanity and deafness. Ain't they cute? Ignore the state of their room. They're in the process of stalling the cleanup process. Showing mom how cute you are sometimes buys you a few minutes. So does guilt tripping her about how long it's been since she last took your picture.

Sleepy, stuffy baby. He's all better now--just stuffy for a few days. But you can see how all this menu planning and recipe re-writing has just worn him out. Me too.


PapaCoyote said...

MP is a master at delay.
When the reward for an artful delay is greater than the reward for a job quickly done; well the kid is no dummy. Oh, and that rotational diet plan---I turned down a half athletic scholarship at Ball State University because the dorm's menu was the same, absolutely the same, every week. What a rotational diet that was. I might sitll have attended if the Thursday lunch was not peanut butter soup. I loved peanut butter sandwiches, but thought peanut butter soup was a little over the top even for me.

RasJane said...

I'd make peanut butter soup for you if I could. Yummy!
Hmm, I'll post this week's menu too. We actually have a lot of variety.