Tuesday, February 19, 2008

For your baby fix

E's first time in the stroller. I hadn't really intended for him to ride in one so early (I prefer to wait until they sit very well and do better at regulating temperature and are too heavy to carry), but I threw out my back and was glad to have a way to take him outside for a walk. It helped a lot! E really seemed to like seeing the world in this way too.

Grandma J gave E a gift certificate for Christmas. He got some snazzy new contour diapers (organic!) and a sweet doll with a rattle in it's head. It is organic, colorgrown cotton too. He also has a new T-shirt on back order. It is sage and natural stripe. We'll show it off when it gets here.

E is my only child who has been so determined to remove his diapers. Yes, yes I know, I should be doing EC, but can't figure out how to work that in yet. Maybe soon. Anyway, with a gift certificate we were given for a shower gift, I got some adorable flannel. I sewed up this diaper yesterday as a sample. It snaps instead of velcro--much more baby proof. He likes it! But he kept grabbing the front of it as I took a picture. The pic of the diaper I have is all funky because of the lighting. I'll take some pictures when I get more made. Just look at those chubby thighs!

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PapaCoyote said...

Check the modeling agencies. Some agency must need a diaper model. You got just the one! But maybe the prospective customer would spend too much time looking at the great grin and not the funky diapers. He is a QT.