Saturday, February 23, 2008

random bits from our week

I am the wrap master. So says a friend of mine. Not sure if I totally believe it, but we can do several wraps now. The kangaroo, the front wrap cross carry (fwcc for short), the rucksack with Tibetan variation, the side carry, and the back wrap cross carry (bwcc). I love wrapping! And so does E.

The diet explorations are going well for the most part. Millet day was improved when Mom invented millet-banana pancakes. Yum.

Rotating had made a mess of the freezer. I've always planned leftovers, and our family loves eating them. The problem with this diet is that we have to wait 4 days to eat them. So things were thrown in the freezer. Then, 4 days later, we had to remember what was there and decipher the contents of packages. So I hauled everything out of the fridge feezer (threw out too much stuff) and cut up some formula boxes. I made dividers out of the box tops and labeled them for the meats and grains we rotate. Now, if we have leftover injera, it goes in the teff compartment until the next teff day. Then, that morning or night before, viola! Out comes the teff. Ain't it purdy?

G in his class at Village Home. Doesn't he look all grown up? They learned about their 5 senses. Here he is watching a class mate shake a tin to decide if there is lots of beans or a little bit of beans. I caught him in a moment of concentration before he declared class over for himself--and walked out. He does have his own opinions about these sort of things. Good thing I'm not trying to put him in preschool!


Lanna said...

G is so funny! I'd pay good money to see the look on a preschool teacher's face when he stands up, says, 'right, i've had enough of this,' and strolls out. Huge contrast to J who would grin and bear it with the occasional sigh and rolling of eyes until he completely lost his mind.

Brightonwoman said...

I would LOVE to have some wrap pictures--particularly pictures of all different carries... would you mind emailing me (or sending a link if you have them on flikr or something) brightonwomanATyahooDOTdom thanks!!!