Thursday, February 14, 2008

Awww, cute kids

Happy Valentine's Day, all my loved ones!

Washing lettuce is oh, so fun. And he likes to eat it too!
My happy baby. I love how he is so cheerful-most of the time!

GramRe sent bubbles. And no sugar. Way cool! They even blew bubbles outside.

GramRe also sent a toy for E. He likes it. A Lot! He sat and played with it long enough for me to load the dishwasher. I guess that means I like the toy a lot too.

We've had more spring-like weather lately. Yesterday we had a stunning rainbow. Not sure that it comes out very clearly here. I'm not the best photographer, but it was a full, thick, and double rainbow-triple actually. There was the main rainbow that you can see. Starting at the bottom of this rainbow was it's mirror. So, from the top, reds, yellows, blues, yellows, reds. Then above this rainbow was a full rainbow above it. It was gorgeous. And then we had a sunny afternoon to play outside.


Lanna said...

Hehe, I see how it is--now my kids get all the sugar. ;) They got the bubbles too. Should get the kids to pretend they're blowing bubbles to each other over the Atlantic (and the huge landmass that is the US..)

RasJane said...

Great idea. Wonder if we have any bubbles left?
And my mom sent sugar--for me! Cuz, yeah, I needed it bad.