Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pictures of the house

Click on the picture for a larger view of everything. I love Picasa3!
I'm amazed at how patiently you have all waited for pictures! No one has demanded them yet. Of course, our parents and Aunt J have all toured the house itself, which is way better than pictures anyway. But still, you must all be very polite. I would not have been so. Maybe I'm rude?
We spent a lot of time at the house today. C has been diligently working on re-keying the locks, re-programming the garage door code and trying to replace the outside door to the garage that has a massive doggy-door in it.
It has been a day of telling the neighbors too. It's nice that they are all so happy about us getting the house. I guess that means they like us as much as we like them! Always a good thing.
Monday my day will be spent calling utilities, painters and figuring out what order I want to do the cleaning in. You should see the oven. Ewww. And they are still some dishes in the kitchen. As in, dishes. In the dishwasher. Can you say garbage? Totally not green, but, yeah. I think I may be calling on my friends to come and help me scrub.
But just check out that master bath tub! I'm so excited to get heat turned up and the bathroom cleaned, moved into and soak in that tub! Now you know where the baby is likely to be born as well. :P


Quincy said...

Congratulations! What a journey! How close is this to where you live now? I'm sure you mentioned it in your blog somewhere, sorry! Well, it looks amazing. Wish I could buy your old place ! :)
Congrats again.

RasJane said...

I wish you could buy our old place too! I'd give you a good deal!
Anyway, then we could be neighbors. The new house is just 3 doors down. We loved our neighborhood so much, we didn't want to leave.

Kathy said...

I love it so much! What a great house! That's so exciting. I'd love to come help with packing or cleaning, just let me know when.

MMM&M said...

looks great S! I love it! wish we lived closer together.. :-(

Shallay said...

Hooray! It happened, I was gonna say how stupid not to accept an offer on house going into foreclosure and what awesome agents to give up some of their commission.