Monday, January 12, 2009

Good day

So it's not 100% as there are still some paperwork issues to work through, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they are worked out by tomorrow. For the most part though, today was a successful and productive day!
I called all the utilities this morning and they are all on. With the exception of the gas, which won't be on until Wed. Kind of a bummer since the house is freezing. C actually had some windows open since it was warmer outside! We took over a space heater and that is helping.
Then I called the painters. Our neighbors had a hearty recommendation for a painter from Salem. I called, they came out by 1pm! They'll start painting first thing tomorrow. YAY! I'm so excited that this is moving so fast since we wanted the painting done first so we could then work on everything else.
Then I called the flooring guy. He was on his way out here anyway, so is over at the house right now measuring the floors so we can get all our quotes. We should be able to order flooring tomorrow and hope in gets here in a timely fashion. More YAY!
Yesterday at church several people said they wanted to come and help clean. Some of the cleaning is pretty gross, but with everything else going so well, I'm actually looking forward to starting. And if you know me, you know that is a big deal!
I'm going to start ASAP. I'll talk to the painters to see if it's a problem for me to be over there. And then farm out the kids. Since I'm pretty sure that kids + scaffolding is a bad combo!
It's really looking like we'll be able to start moving quickly. Of course that makes me a little nervous. Cuz that means I need to start packing, y'know? And it seems a little weird to go and get a bunch of boxes and pack everything up to move down the street. Of course, I'm not going to pack everything as it just doesn't make sense. But I'll puzzle that out as we go.


Mommy Bee said...

I've done those local moves twice...once was 20 miles, once was less than 1 mile...both times we went with the little loads here and there moving method, and it STUNK!! Go ahead and pack and move--sure, you can dump out the box at the new place and take it back and refill it at the old place--but don't let it drag on too long.
Moving 2000 miles was ironically easier than moving 1 mile. Go figure.

Spring said...

I am so glad that you are almos in the house. It look great and I know that you are going to love having all that space. Right Now all five of us are in a two bedroom apartment for the next three months. wish us luck. Hpefuly the weather is not to bad for you. I hear that things have been bad in that neck of the woods.

suchlovelyfreckles said...

Hey, wow... good for you. I know you're not coming to Village this term and just wanted to let you know, you're missed. :)