Saturday, January 03, 2009

Annivesary Inn

C and I love the Anniversary Inn. It's so much fun. Some of you have been there, or at least know what it is. For the rest of you, I will enlighten.
It's a hotel/B&B for couples only. Each room has a theme and is decorated to the hilt for it. The first time we stayed there, M was about 2 and C's parents got us a room on a special deal. It was fairly new to Boise at the time. We stayed in the Sleeping Beauty Castle. It was amazing and we knew we wanted to go back as soon as we could. It took C actually getting a job so we could afford it, but we have been back 3 times since then. Our stays have been in the Oregon Trail, the South Pacific and Enchanted Forest. We have full intention of continuing! I'd love to stay in, well most of the rooms. Not much desire for Biker's Roadhouse, Sport's Central, or Fisherman's Wharf. Just me. Other's love those rooms and I'm glad they have them.
What do we love about it? First of all, the service is great. It's also just for adults who want to get away. No loud groups or screaming kids. Don't get me wrong, I wish more places were kid-friendly, but now and then, I want to get away!
The design of the rooms also makes for a complete getaway. It's not just a bed and bathroom. You can see from the rooms that there is a complete theme. The 2 person tubs are jetted, and many have clever waterfall showers. Oregon trail has a shower falling from the spouts of 3 glass wine bottles. The forest-themed rooms have "rock" outcroppings with water falling over. How fun! The beds are not just thrown in the middle of the room. In Sleeping Beauty's Castle, you sleep in a round bed in a turret. The Oregon Trail bed is in a covered wagon. Look around, you can see.
Included in the room is a big screen tv or screen with DVD player and free DVD checkout. 2 at a time. And breakfast and cheesecake. Yum.
The rooms are expensive at first look. But with what is included, I think it sure beats a nice hotel. We have stayed in a fancy hotel downtown Portland that really was about the same price. When it cam down to it, it was just a room. Meh.
So, if you are ever in Boise, Logan or Salt Lake and have a chance to run away for a night or two, DO IT! You'll be so glad you did.
Yeah, I sound like an ad. Stepping down now. :P

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TopHat said...

I really wish places like that would let you bring infants. I've been trying to plan my DH's birthday next week, and I'd really like a place that we could bring DD to.