Thursday, January 08, 2009

Other people think out way better ways to say this stuff

I am lucky to have "met" through the world of cyber-space, Heather. She is a birthing/breastfeeding/knitting goddess!
And she headed up the nursing picture protest against Facebook. She got a bit of flak from other Mormons about breastfeeding modesty. I love, love, love how she put her response. So well thought out and articulate and brilliant. Since I agree wholeheartedly with everything she has said, I'll just send you over to her blog!
Go, click, read and ponder. And tell me what you think.
Personally, I think the US needs to get over the whole breasts=sex hangup. Nope, sorry, my breasts are for feeding kids. Got a problem with that? Deal with it with your therapist. But babies have a right to eat. Personally I think people yelling into cell phones, stuffing their faces with processed food and wearing ugly clothes are more repulsive. Much more. Can I tell them to go do it in private then? Why not? I think I may.
"Hey buddy! That food looks disgusting. And you have no manners whatsoever in eating it. Go away."
Can I kick someone off an airplane for slurping a Pepsi? It's annoying.
Can I force people who wear their pants so low it shows their underwear to cover up?
Can I please, please tell girls who wear low rider pants low enough to show their g-string to wrap a blanket around their butt?
Hey, I'm opinionated anyway. And hormonal to boot. Watch out world!
I just scared my poor husband, didn't I dear?
I have a feeling he won't be going out in public with me for awhile. Nah, he will. He loves me. And he's brave.

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