Thursday, January 08, 2009

About the house

I hope by posting about this I'm not jinxing it. But it's been one heckuva week!

We signed an extension up to the 6th. Figuring that since the foreclosure auction was scheduled for the 7th, surely if we were to get the house, it would be done by the 6th, right?
It started with the banks not even attempting to get back to us until after Christmas. They wanted more money. 10K more and were being stick in the mud about it. We went up a bit, but they were firm. Fine, we said.
Then, on the 6th. Mid DAY, the second lien holder decides they want more money. Won't sign papers till they get it.
Umm, dudes, you can get some money from us purchasing the house through short sale or NONE if it goes to auction. That's right. ZERO.
The real estate agents, desperate to close the deal and get paid are thinking humans and offer some of their commission. They are smart enough to realize that something is better than nothing.
First position says fine, pay all you want, we get it all.
Banks are greedy goobs. Greedy obnoxious goobs. I could say more, but I try to remain somewhat family friendly.
Anyway, 11th hour, the bank files papers to cancel the forecloure auction. As in, 1 hour before the auction, it got cancelled. C of course, was already on his way there. Took a day off work. They said we could sign papers that afternoon.
Paperwork got to the final bank last night. They closed and went home.
In theory we could sign papers today.
I'm not holding my breath. I have a life to live.
On the funny side, the real estate agents have been using my pregnancy as some sort of leverage. They tell the bankers that they need to not add stress to my life because I could go into labor. Seems they are heartless goobs as well.
Want a heads up on who NOT to bank with? I'll tell you after I have papers in my hot little hands. It's a small world, you never know, ya know?

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Mommy Bee said...

I can tell you we've had nothing but trouble since Bank of America bought our visa card account. I hate them passionately.
Thankfully our mortgage is with someone else.