Thursday, April 10, 2008


My baby has a cold. He is feeling a bit better. But he is losing his voice! I'm sorry, but it is the funniest thing ever. He thinks so too. Every once in awhile he'll hear his own voice and talk more just to hear it.
And he is getting much better at the crawling. Getting FAST!
And I'm losing my marbles. I must be. It's the only explanation for a woman who is planning to make 5 outfits (yes, outfits--as in skirt/shirt/jacket and pants/tee/shirt/maybe a jacket) for kids and have them done by May 25th-ish. With just a crummy Singer to sew on. And they're Ottobre. Which means I am spending today and tomorrow just tracing the patterns. Psycho.
And do you think it is pushing the awesomeness of dh a bit far if I am in the exact state of just-dragged-my-rear-outta-bedness as when he left this am? I hope not. I still need to make dinner.


PapaCoyote said...

Are the donations rolling in? I will make a donation as soon as I recover from the big IRS blood letting.

RasJane said...

I think you need a new CPA, honestly.
Rolling in may not be the correct term. Trickle. But it will catch on, I'm sure! My dear brother emailed to ask if I'd taken up drinking during the day. Who needs booze? Have you tried living with my boys? I told him it's just sleep deprivation. But he loves me so it's all good.

Anonymous said...

Have you asked J if you can borrow her machine? It's Mom's old (new) one, but might be better than your Singer; I'm sure she'd lend it to you if she's not using it. I keep telling you you're in the right family -- doesn't EVERYBODY start huge projects and wonder how they're ever going to get them done? Well, except PaR; he's an anomaly (a cute one, but still...)


RasJane said...

I think I'll be okay. Who knows if I'll even get them all cut out before heading down. LOL!