Friday, April 04, 2008

No machine doesn't help

My sewing machine is broken, but all I can find is more fabric!
I stepped into Fabric Gallery today after I took G and E to Whole Foods today. I'd seen the sign and always wanted to go, but wasn't ever brave enough. That may be a good thing.
They have over 800 rolls of fabric in stock. They have thousands of fabric samples hanging in the main part of the store for special orders. They have an ENTIRE ROOM of fabric books to leaf through to special order more. Good grief. And trims. They have trims. I now have my kitchen completely designed. As soon as I get the kitchen of my dreams to decorate. And a machine that will sew the cushions I envision for my breakfast nook.

Last week, or week before I guess, Mom and I were looking for some fabric. We came across a site I didn't even know about. How did I MISS this?!?! It's called Fabric Fairy. Only, it's like fabric heaven. That is where I'm sure I'm going if I'm good in this life. It's the only explanation really. And if some of you knew about this and didn't tell, me! Well, then, you're fired. Really!

So, if I sewed professionally, which is something I intend to do in the near future, what would you all buy. Do tell. I'll make that and support my habit. C will probably thank you. I think he may grow tired of supporting my habit eventually. Especially if I keep discovering stores like this! It's a good thing he loves me so much and is such a fabulous guy!

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