Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hundred Dollar Holiday

This is something I'm mulling over in my brain. What if we stopped spending money on making Christmas a commercial event? What if my kids stopped establishing toy hordes every holiday? What if I could just relax and enjoy Christmas with the people I love most?
We would still travel. I love seeing family for Christmas and I believe that is what Christmas is all about. But I think I'd like to spend more time serving others in memory of the service that The Christ gave during his ministry.
I don't want to stop spending altogether. I just don't want to spend all my money on stuff that I don't know if people will really like or not. If I buy food for a nice meal to serve, toiletries for a woman's shelter, warm clothes for needy kids, the money is still going into the economy. Just in a different way. Could I teach my children by example that love is giving of oneself and not of the latest toy/gadget fad?
Really, I think we do a very good job already. There is always room for improvement. I guess I am just putting this out there so when I decide to really do this, our entire family doesn't get shocked around November LOL. We generally get the kids a pass to the zoo for a present. I like to make things for family members. I am committed to buying more locally made items for gifts this coming year.
I like the idea of giving my children (and my spouse!) a "date day" for a gift. They each get one full day of just me. I'm considering that. I like it for birthdays too. I recently read the book, Hundred Dollar Holidays: The Case For a More Joyful Christmas by Bill McKibben. Here is a site that is dedicated to the idea. Food for thought.


Lanna said...

I keep saying something similar, but then I get this wierd itch to douse my husband and kids with, well, stuff. Stuff that adds to the piles and piles of crap I already can't deal with. I'd like to come up with a unique craft or baked item to give, but I don't have the faith in my skills yet. I think I'll always give pressies though in profusion because I get an odd kick out of wrapping them. I just need to make the contents make more sense. I love one-on-one days with the kids, I hadn't thought of making them presents :) So that's one!

Caitlin said...

Good thoughts here. I'll have to check out these links!