Monday, April 07, 2008

Go Baby Go!

E has figured out the movement thing and boy, is he proud of himself! He had figured out how to scoot a few days before it really clicked for him. He was merrily scooting around, getting tired and resting every few minutes when he looked up. Suddenly he realized that he could go and GET that toy over there. He is definitely loving his new-found freedom! I just love to watch his hilarious crawl/scoot thing he has going. Makes me wonder if he will progress to traditional hands and knees crawling or if he'll do army crawl, or just skip to walking someday.

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PapaCoyote said...

Go, E, Go! The still looks a little out of focus as if he was moving so fast the shutter speed could not keep up. Nice illusion! If I remember right (may have to check my notes), but the appearance of trillium comes at the same time morels make their appearance. Reta Johnson e-mailed saying that she could hardly wait for the SIMA clubs foray mid-May to look for morels. She said to keep up my morel while waiting and that she was lichen this club and that I was a fun guy. Not only is her vocab tainted, but she bought mushroom shoes and socks.