Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Piece of Chicken

I've heard lots of different insults in my life. My favorites are the ones that the little boys in my life have come up with. My brother used "Conker Head." M said "Bad Guy" with such vitriol it felt like the worst thing that could be said of a person. A few days ago, I heard a new one.
G stood up and pointed his finger at M. "Piece of Chicken!" he exclaimed. Then he fell into a gale of laughter. Now he runs around proclaiming M a piece of chicken at every opportunity. No idea where this came from. I wasn't even really sure if he meant any malice the first few times I heard him say it. I replied with something along the lines of "yum! Chicken is good. Let's eat M." G looked at me funny, so I asked if it was good or bad to be a piece of chicken. "BAD!" Okay then...
So, if you need a new insult--here ya go. Three good ones to choose from. Now I'm curious what E will come up with.

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