Friday, January 04, 2008

Fun trip!

We had a great trip down to see family. First stop was GramRe and PaR's house. The tradition there is for grandkids small enough to still be lifted to "Say Hi to the Birds." This is E's first. He doesn't look all that excited about it. When he gets older, he'll be just like the other kids, screaming for Grandpa and the birds as soon as they come in the house.

C in the middle with his sister, J and is dad. They are very goofy. And very fun.

After Christmas at C's parent's house, we went to Papa and Mama Coyote's. My brother and his fabulous wife have produced the world's cutest little girl. G and L had so much fun playing together, and we had a blast watching them. It was pure entertainment. Both of them are potty-learning right now, so they each had their potties set up in the living room. It was like dueling potties. Whenever one would head over, the other would go too just to be social I guess. I think it helped, they both stayed dry! I have pictures, but I don't think I'll post them. If you're family and want a copy, let me know. ;)

GrandmaJ has a living room with lots of cushions. Sometimes they are on the couches, but they seem to prefer this:

E got sick while we were down, darn it. He rested pretty peacefully in PapaCoyote's arms while I packed stuff up to get ready to head home.

The trip home was eventful only becuase it was so smooth! With E's cold and the older boys showing signs of coming down with it, I was seriously debating waiting in Idaho another day. But then, that would have turned into waiting till Monday with the storms coming through. E was happy enough Wednesday afternoon we decided to chance it. Since C is in Asia for business, his mom and sister drove home with us. Aren't they wonderful? Anyway, we all expected to be stopping about ever hour at least to tend to the baby's needs and were ready to stay in a hotel for the night if need be. Were we ever shocked when we made it halfway without stopping! Then just a couple of stops after that! We left at 8:30ish and were in the front door of the house and car unloaded by 6pm!! We even stopped at Whole Foods for dinner and groceries. I honestly thought we'd be lucky to make it home by 8pm or so.
Of course we did this because E slept so much in the car. He made up for it last night. He's asleep again in my lap now. I guess we have to learn about night and day again. Oh well, we're home and I'll work on it when he feels better. For now, I'm going to take advantage of him sleeping. By sleeping...


MMM&M said...

dueling potties!!! love it!!!

Lanna said...

Oh, I love that little parrot picture *sniffles*. The kids better stop growing if they hope for a hoist up to see the birds when they visit! Maybe M can help lift them, tall as he is ;)