Monday, January 21, 2008

Crafting for L

For some reason, I've been on a bit of a craft binge for my niece, L. Actually, it's because of Christmas and her birthday. I wanted to post pictures of what I've been working on. The first is doll clothes for her baby. They took almost no time at all and were lots of fun. I don't generally get to sew doll clothes. :)The second set is play food made out of felt and a bag to carry it all in. There are 3 oranges, 2 each of tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, pancakes, bread, eggs and 4 slices of cheese and 1 slice of bacon. I had lots more planned out, but I ran out of time and my family ran out of patience with me sitting and blanket stitching tiny pieces of felt for hours at a time. LOL
I had fun anyway. And yes, I could make felt food for my boys. I even asked them if they wanted any because I really wanted to make some after I saw the stuff some of my fellow crafty moms were making. But they scoffed and turned up their noses. No surprise that when I finished the first egg I had a hard time keeping track of it. And every. Single. Piece. After. That. So it's good to be putting them in the mail. I hope she likes them as much as her cousins.


Lanna said...

That's just too freaking cute. I like how you made items to construct 'sammiches' with. Watch what you say to Nynner or she'll enlist you in clothing and feeding her beloved Josefina. She knows I'm no good for stuff. She's had her tartan fabric for almost a whoooole week for a Burn's Night skirt, and thinks I'm just terribly unproductive for not having sewn it up yet. At least she *tries* to be tactful when she patronized me. :P

My grandma had a basket full of fabric fruit and veg when I was little and, though normally reticent, I cow-eyed and complimented her until she relented and let me have them. I love that memory. Fake food + wee girls = win. :)

alisaterry said...

You should sell those on!

RasJane said...

Hmm, I do have some patterns for 18" dolls. I could use up my stash! Actually, if I get really productive, I was thinking of making Josephina an outfit to match Nyssa's. Don't tell her yet though!
I'd need much more time. I got most of these done when Dh was out of town and I had 24hr help in my MIL and mom. But thanks for the compliment. ;)