Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My momma's new digs

HattieJane is the name of my Mom's retirement entertainment--not to mention supplement to her teacher's retirement fund.
You have to check out her Etsy shop right here, right now. Cuz she's my Mom, and I said so. Also, she makes way cute stuff. She also has a basement full of the absolute cutest and awesome vintage fabric. If she doesn't sew it up before she kicks the bucket, I'll have to buy a storage facility for it. Not because I'd be obligated to keep it necessarily, but I'd have a hard time getting rid of it. So head over there, have a look and then, if you don't see what you like, give her a custom order. She is really good at custom work.


Ria from Holland said...

So Jane is still busy, I thought she cleaned out all the fabric that was in stock. But with these nice grandchildren I can imagine she crafts a lot. Would like to see all these.
Love Ria

RasJane said...

Hi Ria!!
So glad to see you here. :)
Yes, she keeps busy, but, well maybe she thinks she doesn't have enough grandchildren to sew for? I dunno. Or maybe not enough granddaughters.

mmm&m said...

ohhhh, love the vintage fabric!!! fun...

ria from holland said...

Over here still no grandchild. Otherwise she could start for ours. Guess she doesn't feel like it. How is bill ? I saw the pictures of the happy granddad. He looks like a very happy granddad. David's girl Laura is a cuty too. I love to see what all happens to your boys. Even with these allergies they look like healthy boys. So Well done mum. I didnt realise you're married for 10 years now ? As I look to the pictures yoy didn't change that much.

Give my love to Bill and Jane .


RasJane said...

You are too sweet, Ria!