Friday, October 03, 2008

Oh, yeah, I have a blog

Who knew?

Life has been crazy here of course. Not too long after my last post, I took the 3 boys to the coast with my parents. Dad has great pictures at PapaCoyote. So I'll just direct you there, and you can look at his awesome pictures! Who, Me? Lazy?
On the 27th, we celebrated G's birthday. He's 4 years old, people! 4! He got a skateboard and went right out, got on it, and started trying to learn how to do tricks. Naturally. Sheesh. My mom made him a great blanket, Aunt J bought him pads to wear with the skateboard, and GramRe and PaR gave him a Cars playset. And, he got books and clothes. None of which are nearly as exciting a big ol' sugary cake.
Which he begged for for breakfast the next 2 days running. For some reason, the rest of the cake disappeared soon after.
The next day, Sunday, we blessed E at church. It was awesome to have mine and C's parents, and Aunt J there. And our ward family, of course. E wasn't too keen on having all these men put their hands on his head when they could just as well toss him in the air and play with him (I mean, Really!), but he did very well. Next step is a trip to the temple to have him sealed to us.

In other craziness, we have decided to sell this house and buy another before baby comes in May. Yeah, craziness. But I don't want to move with a newborn, or 4 children period, really. And I don't want to give birth in a remodel. We may have found a house. I always assumed we'd move up close to Portland, but in writing out my reasons for moving up vs staying here, the list looks a little pathetic. We have established lives here for 5 years now and there are a lot of really good reasons to stay. Not least of which is our awesome neighborhood. So we have been talking about the house up the street. Is it silly to move 3 houses away? But it's 2,300 sq feet, 4 bedrooms plus a den, and a gardening-ready backyard. As in-greenhouse, garden area and mature apple trees. And who knows what else is in there. The house has sat vacant for about 3 or 4 months now and it's hard to see through all the weeds.
When we went into the backyard (tresspassing, I know!), the kids had a blast. So M said he definitely wanted to buy it. A few days later when we were talking about the amount of work the house needs, he caught something about yard work to be done. "You mean you'd cut out the jungle?" When told we would, indeed, "cut out the jungle," he expressed that any house is as good as the next then. LOL
So, anyone out there an expert in buying a pre-foreclosure? Know of someone who is? Any tips and advice? I'd love to hear it!
But, now I need to get to work getting this house put into shape to sell. And interviewing a few handymen to do the work on things like the shower, ducts and whatnot.
Hey, at least I have my midwife and love her. I can give birth, I just need a home to do it in. That brings me to something else. I want to do some posts about natural birth. Any questions about it? Things you'd like me to cover? Questions about homebirth? Shoot. Even you, David.


Lanna said...

Heya. You're so busy, ack! I admit being a bit nervous about your home birth because you had such a hard time with M (don't want to say too much in a public place, and i'm not sure i remember exactly what happened anyway, something about low blood pressure?). Are you close to a hospital? Wow, that sounds really negative. What worrywart me means is, I'm sure it will be fine. If the boys don't pop your birthing pool, that is, lol :) Oh say, are you suddenly down to a restricted diet again? I'm curious what allergy and pregnancy things you'll know this time around.

PapaCoyote said...

Lanna has some good points. You may well survive child birth, but will Michael? Gads, he will be in full scale panic throughout. I love his concern about losing a perfectly good jungle. Now is that concern about losing a jungle or having to participate in the work of removing the jungle? The house sounds like a really good solution for you. I remember the house. It would be great!

Lanna said...

Yeah yeah, I have some of that jungle-lover in me too. When we moved in the lawn had gone to seed, and I really sort of liked it. Of course it got cut down straight away. Then I went to the hairdresser the other day, and apparently this village is so small that everyone notices the state of our lawn and there was much tutting over its jungly phase. Eep.