Sunday, October 12, 2008

The sign in the yard

No, not that sign yet. We're working on it though. Anyone want a cute house in a great neighborhood with 3 bed/2.5 baths and cool backyard? Ask around. Please??? :)

No, the sign I'm talking about was suggested by M last Monday. We'd had a bit of a rough day. It happens. But M was apparently fed up with his sad position in life. He called me back up to his bedroom that night.
"I just want to let you know that I'm putting a sign in the front tomorrow. It will say, '9 year old child lives here. Needs new parents.'"
I expressed that we would miss him and wished him luck. I may have suggested too that he ask around Village Home the following day. "There's lots of really nice families there."

Gah, I'm so not a nice mom. Maybe I'd better start a therapy savings account for him now, rather than a college account.


Shallay said...

What I think shows that you are a great mom is that he could come to you and talk about it! My sister left...and then returned when no one noticed.

Lanna said...

Oh dear! And my boy frightened by the financial crisis. Maybe we can get a discount on group therapy for them :P.

I'd almost take your house just to have a bathtub right now. It's getting cold in this old house.

RasJane said...

And you could maintain a garden year round! Not to mention the whole 3 homeschooling families w/in 4 houses, and the kids getting to play together, and Woodland Woolworks just 20 minutes away, and... Okay, I'll stop now!

PapaCoyote said...

When I was a kid, we broke a dead branch off a tree, wrapped a few necessities in a flower sack and attached sack to the branch and left. About dinner time we seemed to have circled back to the house. Caught heck for missing lunch and had to spend an inordinate amount of time in the bath tub and go to bed without dinner, but I think we had a good reason for leaving. Can't remember the reasons now. We never left home alone, though. Always had a friend who had a beef with his parents, too. ydtfxtn