Thursday, October 30, 2008


Remember this picture? Nice yard, eh? The kids want to keep it as a prairie. The law says it needs to have a few less weeds.
I called a couple of landscape companies to give bids on what it would cost to get the yard into livable condition. Not show condition. Not stun you neighbors condition. Just passable. Back to bare bones we can plant our own plants condition.
The first bid came in today.



That's 7 Grand to haul out weeds and dump some dirt on the lawn. Then come back in the spring and sprinkle some seed on the lawn to fill in the areas where they would fill in holes.
We may be in the wrong line of work.


Spring said...

Wow that is outragous. hopefully you can get that price down. May be you can become friends with a landscape guy. I know that in TExas the market is saturated with landscaping crews that they are more reasonable.

RasJane said...

I don't think we have any intention of hiring it done. We just need the estimates to show the bank why we are offering less $.
I think we are quite capable of pulling weeds and mowing a lawn!