Monday, September 22, 2008


You have to watch those practical jokes.

A couple of weeks ago, I started looking at the calendar trying to figure out when that beloved relative of mine was due back for a visit. Hmmm, she's a little late. I didn't think much of it. After all, 7 years of infertility leads you to not think much of that kind of thing.
So, the next day, I decided take a pregnancy test to get things started. That is the best way to start your period, y'know. But, I decided to have a little fun with my poor husband. I would come downstairs all excited to see how he reacted. Kinda mean, maybe.
As I sat waiting to see the results of my test (why do I wait when I know what it's going to say?) and planning my facial expression, I started paying more attention to what was going on. See, normally, it takes a few minutes for the test line to show up, and then, if it is positive, the "pregnant" line starts to darken over the course of 3-5 minutes. In theory, any line--no matter how faint--is a positive.
But mine didn't work that way.
No, not at all.
The "pregnant" line showed up nice and dark. Before the test line.
Jokes on me!

Naturally, I made C run to the store and buy another test. Actually, he volunteered. That was a digital test. It was an agonizing minute while I watched that annoying hour glass flash at me. I think I'd rather just use the old fashioned-watch-the-pee-creep-across kind if I have to do it again.
Finally, it flashed my answer. Pregnant.
So, apparently I am. 7 weeks according to my calculations. That puts us in line for a May baby. Right around J's birthday. I'm not sure I will totally believe it until I hear a heartbeat or feel a kick or something. It still seems a little unreal. Remember-that's 7 YEARS of infertility.
One starts to believe a certain view of the world, and it is hard to switch a brain over to a new reality. But I'm trying! My body is helping me too. I feel pretty good so far, fortunately. I felt a little nauseous yesterday from not eating lunch (church). I'm also very tired, but that could just as easily be from E waking up all too frequently! LOL
And then there are the frequent trips to the potty and sore chest, and the very slightly growing belly. That seems a little unfair to me, honestly. I mean, only 7 weeks, or rather 5 weeks of a growing kiddo, and I have already put away at least one pair of pants? And some of my others are decidedly uncomfortable. I'm trying to make them work anyway.
Guess I get to head the the thrift store for pants and skirts to re-work soon!
I'm glad our families are so excited. And I really am looking forward to this baby. It's exciting to have a child I didn't have to work quite so hard for. ;) And I'm hoping to finally get my homebirth!


TopHat said...


Quincy said...

You sound so calm in this post, maybe me hyperventilating as I read through it will be enough excitement for my evening! Yay hoo! Awesome! Fantastic! Congratulations! I'd call you this second, but I'm sure it's too late and you'd better be sleeping!

Nemmer said...

I agree -- you sound way too calm!! My jaw is on the floor! Big, huge congrats to you!! Wow...

Kelly Stubbs said...

Wow! That is great, congratulations :)

suchlovelyfreckles said...

I'm so happy for you. Congratulations again. :)

MMM&M said...


I am so thrilled for you!!! wow!

Sonda in OR said...

THAT IS SO COOL!!!!! I'm very excited for you and will keep you in my prayers!!


Lanna said...

Again, Wowowowowow :) Over here they call Murphy's Law Sod's Law. Not sure what to call it when you invoke the pregnancy-test-to-get-your-period law only to be shown up by the 7-years-of-adoption-and-infertility law. I suppose if anything, it makes E and G seem that much more 'meant to be' :). I'm usually way too cynical for that sort of thinking, but it's suitable for even me in this case.

Anyway, was really nice talking to you the other day, phone cutting out notwithstanding. You sounded, er, busy. lol

RasJane said...

Thanks everyone. I only sound calm because I'm still processing. Or maybe afraid to process?
Anyway, we just got back from the coast, so I'll post something soon. Quincy, you'd better call me!

Aubrey said...

Big Fat Congratulations to you!!! I am so excited for you!