Friday, September 12, 2008

Picture update

First of all, we'll start with a picture of M in his (un?)natural habitat:

He likes to put in an audiobook and turn on the computer. Makes him feel a bit of "King of the Living Room." I imagine he'd chat on his cell phone if I was the nice mom he invisions buying him one. Poor kid.

Birthday!! E turned 1 yesterday! We're having a dinner for him with Aunt J on Saturday, but he got to open his very first present ever right on time. Gramma J and Papa Coyote send a package of cute clothes. E got a kick out of being given a box AND a big piece of paper to tear up. What a day. Oh, and I do bathe my kids on occasion. We had just returned home from the park when I took these.

Successful Goodwill trip:
I went to buy sweaters to felt, and we found thse skates. G put them on as soon as we got home and kept them on for pretty much 3 days straight. There were tears indeed when mom explained that we can't wear skates inside, or even to bed. He wore them on the sidewalk (where he practiced jumping even!), in the grass, in the gravel, and everhwhere in between. He did discover the hard way that you can't get on a bicycle with skates on without a tremendous amount of practice.

Finally, I got both pairs of pj's together at the same time. So here's a picture. I used the pajama/long john patterns in the 4/04 issue of Ottobre magazine. Looove those patterns! And I got the fabric at Mill End in their annex--so cheap!

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