Thursday, October 18, 2007

How cruchy are you?

I took this quiz and scored 174. I would have scored higher if I had given birth to my last 2 children. That's crunchier than Grape Nuts folks.
Please, those of you who are interested, take the quiz and let me know how crunchy you are. I''m curious.
My plan is to follow up with a few posts documenting my journey to the land of Grape Nuts. Cuz I didn't really start here. Honest!


Lanna said...

I'm only a 61. Some of the items I just can't be crunchy on, i.e., there's no way I could have a normal enough pregnancy for a homebirth. Ah well. Also sort of annoyed that you can't get points for being vegetarian without baking all your own bread. ;) They also forgot to ask about recycling, which I annoy everyone by being fairly fanatical about. And I don't drive! I'm a granola, darn it! Hehe.

Heather said...

Fun test! These are good things to think about! I scored 74. When it came to "how I raise my kid" questions, I found myself answering at the extremes: would definitely breastfeed somebody's baby (or send breastmilk to Africa), but would never consider co-sleeping for myself. I'm comfortable with my answers on parenting, but am (slowly) working to improve on my environmental/natural food choices.

RasJane said...

Lanna, I'll give you veggie points and not driving points!
Heather, I encourage you to read the co-sleeping research. Very enlightening.
Everything is a process. Like I said, I didn't get here overnight. In fact, had I met my today self 9 years ago, I would have considered me pretty "out there." Live and learn.

Kelly Stubbs said...

Wow, I was a 27, I guess I am not very crunchy :)

brightonwoman said...

I haven't shaved my legs in over ayear. that's so freeing! I haven't worn makeup since my sister's wedding (18mo)...hmm, may not ever bother with that again except for costumes. LOL!
There are things missing of course, like lanna said recycling, also gentle discipline/respectful parenting, homesteading, etc. :-)

brightonwoman said...

oh, and buying locally (food and otherwise). THAT should earn points.
Boycotting Walmart should get points too. LOL

RasJane said...

Brightonwoman--I agree! Boycotting Walmart and Nestle alone should get serious points.
And buying local as much as possible. I do slip off that bandwagon more than I should. Keep having that stupid cheap/local internal debate. And I even life in Oregon--how lame am I?