Wednesday, October 03, 2007

cute bebe pictures

I have the cutest kids. See?

G always wants to kiss the baby. Then he exclaims with glee, "Him likes me!"

Everyone wants kiss him, so we decided to share. Altogether now, Awwww.

The best way to travel is by sling. Or by wrap or mai tei, or pouch, or you get the idea. This is E in the old ring sling. See how his fingers are already chunking just a teensy bit? I think he is going to be a roly-poly like G.
Unfortunately, G is really good at bringing home viruses. Could have something to do with the fact that he always has his fingers in his mouth. Who ever heard of a 3 year old who compulsively bites his nails? Anyway, he brought home something yucky and has shared it with his brothers and father. The big guys are uncomfortable and going through tissues like crazy. Emergen-C is the drink of the week. But poor little E. Only 3 weeks old and already suffering from his first nasty cold. Newborns can't breathe through their mouths. So when the nose is stuffy it makes life very difficult. I steamed him this morning in the bathroom, I put saline drops in his nose and attempted to suction (didn't get as much as when he spit up through his nose last night), and I am rubbing essential oils on my breast a ways above where his little nose hits so he can have the benefit of that. Only, none of it seems to be working very well. Fortunately, when he does drift into a deeper sleep, his breathing gets a lot smoother. My heart just breaks for the little angel. I need one of those mommy-magic-wands. Anyone know where those are kept?
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Lanna said...

Everyone I know over here is all virusy too..what gives? I hope you manage to get some sleep. Hopefully this will be your big yuk for several months and winter will be all health. We can dream, right? ;)