Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fun with GramRe and PaR: Part 2

I meant to post more about this yesterday, but I'm sure you can imagine how that didn't happen.

C's parents were here for the weekend. We had lots of fun with them. It was especially good to see them because they've been gone for so long and they were gone when E was born. GramRe was eager to see her new grandbaby! And the grandbaby seemed to really like them.
We spent some time here, went to Bridgeport Village and ate dinner at PF Changs (yay GF menu!), visited Woodburn Company Outlets, and Washington Square. And PaR went to all of them with us. He's gotten astoundingly brave in the last 12 years since I first met him!

"My brothers were right; you're not so bad. I think this can work out!"

"Take another picture and I swear I'll figure out how to control this fist. But you can tell me again how cute I am."


Lanna said...

First of all, I don't care what GramRe says, I think her curly hair is really cute.

Second: Jeebus, that is such an adorable baby!

I can't wait for family photos once your boys have all grown up. I get the feeling you'll end up with the pet name 'l'il mama' or somesuch. :)

Heather said...

Lauren talks about "baby wija" all the time. We both liked the pictures! He's getting such cute chubby cheeks!

MMM&M said...

GramRe's hair looks great!! it is shorter than the last time I saw it (forever ago)... I'm sure the boys love having them visit..