Monday, October 08, 2007

First, the baby pictures. ;)

Such a sweet face. He sleeps very peacefully. He just does it in 20 minute-2 hour snatches. He'll get better. He can't be like M, he just can't be. I'm too old for that.

He's smiling! Off and on. I don't think he totally understands the power he holds with this simple facial expression yet. But I think it's a magnificent smile. Well, duh, of course I do! The funny thing is, he's the first of my kids to smile for me first. At least I think he is. If not, C isn't saying anything so I can have that fantasy. M smiled for my mil first. I think G smiled for Aunt J, or maybe M, I'm not sure. But E gave be a few tentative smiles, then a big one. Melt my heart!

My mom rocks! She has decided that she can put all her awesome fabric to good use making bags. She does an incredible job. But then people found out what she had planned, so they started giving her more fabric. This woman can measure her fabric in cubic feet. She needs no more fabric. (You're welcome, PapaCoyote) But the fabric she keeps is really vintage fabric. This cut is obviously from the 60's. I was looking through her completed bags and was ooh-ing- and ahh-ing over this one. She said I could have it!! Yay! I have a cool diaper bag at long last. At least that's what I'm using it for now, for obvious reasons.
If anyone wants an original, very well made bag of any size/any use, let me know! I'll put you in touch.
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Spring said...

Oh I think I need to buy one of those. They are cute! Hope you are doing well.