Wednesday, July 25, 2007

See how the garden grows, always changing, every day

I have finally been able to have a real garden this year. My sweet husband went to so much work just for me! He re-leveled the ground, tilled it, laid out landscape fabric (to control weeds and heat things up for the heat-luvin plants) AND he bought plant starts and planted them. Wowsers! So I guess this is kinda his garden. I did buy a few additional plants and plant those. Mostly I've just been getting excited about all the yummy fresh food we have in our own backyard. I decided to take some pics to share of our efforts.

Here's the main part of the garden. In the front you can see the cukes, cilantro, delicata squash, zucchini, eggplant and tomatoes. There's also peppers, cantaloupe, watermelon and pumpkins.

We had one section that wasn't covered by landscape fabric and not sure what else to plant anyway. C bought a couple of packets of wildflowers and I scattered them in this area. It is so pretty and the bees love it. I need to cut some and bring them inside. Actually I did use some of the white flowers to accent some roses I bought.

I've never grown eggplant before and I have been fascinated watching it grow. It is such a cool plant that I may (*may*) be okay if I don't get any edible fruit from it. Here's a close up of one of the purple flowers. One flower is already turning into a real eggplant.

We planted sunflowers a couple of summers ago and they keep coming back. Good ol' sunflowers! They are beautiful and we can see them creep up outside our S window. I took this picture because I've been worried about the poor bees. It makes me happy to know I have several plants they enjoy.

Me peppers, Me Peppers! I can't wait for fresh salsa with my tomatoes and peppers and cilantro.


MMM&M said...

wow!!! I'm incredibly impressed!!!

we just got done with a week-long visit from Uncle Joe-- had a lot of fun...

Kelly Stubbs said...

Homemade salsa made from vegetables from your garden... wow! That sounds absolutely delicious :) You guys are so good to have such a nice big garden, I have one tomato in a pot. I guess it is a start :)

Love you guys!!!

RasJane said...

Oooh, we miss Uncle Joe too! Well, the kids don't really know him, but we like him! Glad you go to have time with him. Bet the kids had a blast.
Good start, Kelly. That's all I had for a long time. Just keep doing what you can. The fresh food is oh so yummy!
Hugs to all of you.