Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Fair

So, yeah, it's been a week now. And the pictures have been here on the computer all along. I'm just slow.
We had a great time. M was a little uncertain. He thought it was just going to be another hot and noisy fair. He wants to go back next year! I love how well the property is managed to have such terrific trees and paths and bridges and everything. We loved the people and the music and the shows. We even met a couple of MDC mamas. And M found a frozen treat at Springfield Creamery that he could eat. Whoo Hooo!

The boys had a go at a community art project. It was so sweet to watch them work together on it. They just were so absorbed in the creative spirit.

We stopped and rested a while at the dragon fountain. M had fun exploring it and seeing all the details of this amazing creation. He took this picture himself.

M also took this picture of drummer we listened to for a few minutes. His entire set was made of plastic buckets and glass bottles. Very intriguing. It actually sounded good too. Either my boys weren't that impressed, they forgot, or aren't very musical though because I haven't seen any recycled bands taking shape around here. I kinda thought I might.
M's favorite area of the fair was definately the archeaology area. He found an arrowhead made from blood obsidian (which I can't find a picture of anywhere online--I'll just have to take on of his and post it later..) that the guy at the booth sold to him for $12. He's so proud of it.
Then we watched a man give a stone-age fire demonstration. He started a fire with a stick, a piece of bark and some dried moss. We were duly impressed.I'm very glad we just went on Friday though. It was a little crowded and I can only imagine what Saturday must be like. I also think that we'll leave the stroller at home and figure out how to get the wagon to the fair if we go next year. That was a Pain! All in all it was a great experience, the temperature was just right and we all want to go back next year.

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