Thursday, October 08, 2009


Me: G, it's too cold today for short sleeves and shorts. How about one of your new pairs of pants?
G: No way! I love shorts. I'm always gonna wear shorts.
Me: Well, its getting colder. When you play outside, your legs will get cold.
G: I saw somebody else wearing shorts. I can too.
(discussion about the wonders of having our own brain to think with and the importance of not doing things just because someone else does it)
G: wanders off singing a love song to his shorts

15 minutes later
G: Is it almost time to leave for school?
Me: About 5 more minutes.
G: Is that enough time to change my shorts?
Me: Yes
G: Good, cuz I hate wearing shorts!

Me: Chuckle sigh


Kathy said...

Ha ha, that's awesome. :) He would fit right in with the boys in our family. Even Scott wears shorts almost year round and he is outside for a lot of his job. He only wears pants to work maybe 2-3 days of the year. He'll wear warm shirts and jackets, but always shorts!

PapaCoyote said...

Knowing the G Man, he might not even had remembered the conversation he had with you about shorts. Why, that waa fifteen minutes ago. A lot can happen in a five year old's fifteen minutes.