Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bath time creativity

Watching her crazy brother. See how bewildering he is?

We have all been sick. Even poor baby M. So far it has been mild. Fever, coughs, runny noses, general aches and cranky's. When G got up this morning (after a very uncharacteristic trip to mom and dad's bed) he was shivering. Sure enough, he was burning up. I wrapped him up in sweats, socks and a blanket and let him have reign of a section of couch. This afternoon when he complained again of his hands hurting, I thought to take a look. They were red and swollen so we called the dr and they said to bring him in. Because of his history of Kawasakis, there is a danger to his heart. His body tends to swell, in the veins and arteries. As in aorta. Scary. So he has an Rx for tamiflu, which we have decided to fill given the risk his heart
Anyway to keep E occupied while I cough up my lungs, I put him in the tub. He thought the baby bath looked like a fun boat. So in it went. Then in went E. There was a bit of a learning curve to avoid capsizing it, but he figured it out. Then it was in and out. In and out. In and out.

Now I need to go cuddle my G and sit and nurse Baby M, which is apparently the only acceptable activity right now in her mind.

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