Friday, February 06, 2009

We're on the move

The house is finally ready for us to start transfering our goods! It is mostly cleaned. I just need to do some basic picking up and mop the downstairs floors. The carpets were cleaned today. All the flooring is done. C still has a bit of a project in the garage though. The previous owners had a dog kennel in there, so the floor is, well, a bit nasty.
But we are now officially packing! Hooray! I think? Anyway. The boys have moved their closet over, I'm packing my sewing room and living room. Here is a picture of the boys working on some of their books. They did this whole bookshelf themselves. Well, I guess it would be more accurate to say that M did it, while telling G exactly what to do and not do. But it's done.
We did decide to go ahead and move in bits. We just don't have enough boxes to do the whole house. And that is a bit much. I think we'll be fine this way. First to go is the living room, which we can then use as a staging area for everything else. The bedrooms will have to go all at once of course. I think Wednesday is the day for the kitchen. It's all coming together so quickly!

Next I have a couple of shots that are just cute. The first is G and E's favorite hangout. They dismantle the baskets too. E really likes throwing towels!

E went upstairs on Wed with G while M was at scouts. "How cute!" I thinks to meself, "they're playing together." Nope, E found something better than silly old big brother toys. Ha. Yes, he did get up there all on his own. This is just how I found him. Actually, when I found him, he was sitting in the sink.

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Quincy said...

He is so adorable standing in the sink!