Friday, February 27, 2009

Moved in--with Internet!!!

We did it. We made the long, arduous trek down the street. And all in about a week. Unfortunately, we apparently move a bit faster than Verizon. It took them until this week to move our internet over. All these automated phone calls verifying our "appointment", assuring me it would take 4-6 hours to install the wonderously fabulous FiOS. Yeah, 10 minutes maybe? But it is wonderously fabulous. Nice and speedy. Now I can do bigger pictures-click and see. :P
I haven't taken as many as I would like of the new house, so I ran around real quick this am (with G in front of me) and snapped enough for the collage. You can see that the current state of housekeeping is not great. Which is too bad. We've been really good. Not having net probably helps. But we have been able to keep things quite neat--especially for us! Then the boys got sick. You know what happens to the house when mom gets hung on 24 hours a day by sick kids. E is the worst. For starters, he's little. But he also really, really hates anything on, in, near, or around his nose. So colds really tick him off. He's been mad for 4 days now. All day. 24 hours. I'm tired. M and G are pretty much better. C seems to have a touch of it, or at least fighting it. I've had a sore throat, but that's been pretty much it. Thank goodness!

Belly pic from 2 weeks ago. So 28 weeks? I had a midwife appt yesterday. She thinks the baby is a little small. Not dangerously so, but not on schedule to be a 9 pounder like I figured I'd have. Maybe this will be a girl after all? All in all, I'm very healthy. A bit of the standard aches and pains. C is starting to find humor in watching me move around--especially getting in and out of bed. I have nice low blood pressure and pulse which is reassuring. I'm starting to really think about the birth now that we are moved in. Just mentally getting myself prepared and thinking about what it is I want and don't want.
I am stressing a bit about what to do with the kids during the birth. I want them here so they can come and go as they want--and be present for the birth if they want. Aunt J would be perfect to have watch them, but she is so, so close to being done with school. She may just not be able to make it for the birth. GramRe plans to be here around my due date for a knitting conference and J's birthday, but we all know about due dates. It needs to be someone my kids are comfortable with, and someone I am comfortable having around for the birth. And I don't want to ask one of my friends to have to find childcare for her kids while she hangs out at our house waiting for baby to be born. Granted, I should labor pretty quick-based on my last birth, and I could labor through the night, based on my last birth. But you just never know. Hmmmm.

E loves to play in this oven as much as the last one. At least this one has a door lock that works.

"Do I have to do everything around here?" E loves the vacuum and the swiffer mop. Apparently he can't decide which is better.
I discovered a neat trick too. I hate the chemical that swiffer uses-of course. But if I put some vinegar and water in a spray bottle, it works the same. I'm working on best way to mop the laminate floor. The rag mop doesn't work well at all. The floor looks awful when I'm done.

We've even managed to get in some schooling. M is fascinated by chemistry right now. So we did a Janice van Cleve experiment. You put a thin layer of colored water down on foil. Then use a dropper to drop rubbing alcohol. It is so cool. I'll post the video next.

The collage of the house from this morning. Just to give you an idea of what it looks like with our stuff in it. And the new colors. I didn't get the boys rooms becuase M won't let me show anyone his room and E is taking a nap in the other one. Later.


Shallay said...

Hooray! Now we'll have to come for a tour!

Lanna said...

So many babies and I'm nowhere to be found. I suck. I should have done physics in college so at least I could be working on inventing that transporter beam..

Your house looks bright and spacious! I'm so glad you got yourself sorted into a bigger house before the baby comes. :)