Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Drying out

We figured out the rucksack carry, although the wraps I have aren't really ideal--not as comfortable. E seems to enjoy it for a little while, but then wants the security of being on my front. Fair enough.
E has arrived at the time that is my favorite thing about nursing--the nursing giggle. It's where they look up into your eyes and are so happy to be eating their favorite food that they risk havin to re-latch and giggle. I LOVE baby nursing giggles. It's absolutely the best. It seems to say, "Yay! We made it through the tough beginings and now we can just relax and totally enjoy each other."
This is turning into a total E post--anyway, he learned a new trick! If we help him figure out how to open, then close his fingers on his rattle, he can get it to his mouth. Victory!
And, finally, the finished longies. I'm really happy with how they turned out. And they work great. I made them way too long, but I'm sure E will take care of that in no time!

The "Storm of the Century" as one news station called it. Whatever--here's our teeny bit of snow that then turned to gushes of rain.
The storm has finally passed on! Well, I guess that should be the plural, storms. We got hit with a triple whammy this weekend. 3 storms in 1. Yuck. I'm still not sure exactly how much rain was recorded here, but I heard that Bremerton, WA recorded upwards of 10" in 24 hrs. We didn't get anywhere near that, but both local rivers are flooded, and many more in the area are as well. Our street was partially submerged for a few hours--you could drive on the other side and the water-logged side was passable still.
Growing up in Idaho, we sometimes had flash floods from sudden downpours, but living in Oregon has taught me lots about rain. For example, I used to read stories where the author would refer to "lashing rain." Now I know what lashing rain sounds like--it's rain being blown at your window at over 50 mph. It sounds like it's going to come right on in for dinner.
The kids are happy to be able to play outside again. Not that I'm against them playing in the rain by any means--I'm all for it. This weekend was just a bit too much for my tastes.
That reminds me--I forgot to tell the last G rain story.
I sent them out in their muck-muck boots, rain coats, hats and gloves to play in the rain a few weeks ago. It was pretty cold, but not freezing. Well, G, my child who is usually the last to ever come inside, comes up to the door and is just shivering too much to talk. I ask if he wants to come in and he nods. "Fffffeeezing mommmy" he manages to get out. I start stripping clothes off him. His boots have a few cups of water each I pour out, his pants look like they've been dunked, even his shirt and lining of his water-proof coat are literally running waterways. I ask him what happened. "Go fimming mommy!" he says proudly. Seems he decided that the gutter, having roughly the water level of a kiddie pool, was a great place for a swim on a blustery day, so he tried it out. Yeah, um, not so good. I don't think he'll do it again. It took awhile to get him warmed back up. At least he had the sense to come inside!
My kids....


Lanna said...

"It sounds like it's going to come right on in for dinner." --that is excellent writing, I love that.

'muck-muck boots' is awesome as well!

I sort of like being up high in a building, the weather rattles the place something fierce, the skylight especially, but I feel fairly detached from it at the same time. When we get a fire going it's excellent. You would think that being here so long has made me indifferent to the wind and rain, but not so. I refuse to go out when the weather's going to piss me off, unless I really have to. Of course, not having a car probably has loads to do with that. It's not like we can do the same 'duck into the car, drive, duck into the mall for a starbucks, duck back into the car, etc.' thing we used to be able to do. Well, at least I don't spend my retirement on lattes I guess. :P Anyway, the mental picture you've painted of Gabriel 'fimming' and you dealing with the aftermath is priceless. See? Blogging isn't a waste of time--we're investing time in the commemoration of childhood!

RasJane said...

Thank you for your very kind words m'dear!
Yes, I knew blogging had a point-other than narcissism. :P

Caitlin said...

Oh my goodness he is so sweet and cute!!!!

My little one is a toddler now, se we're past those sweet precious days.

Melting into a puddle . . .

And, btw, your house looks great! Way to go!

RasJane said...

Thanks, Caitlin!