Thursday, December 13, 2007

blasted timing

My sewing machine, the darling of my possessions, love of my creative life, has pissed me off!
I'm in the middle of sewing below mentioned Christmas crafts, and it decided to commit to a life of sewing in reverse. And I can't fathom how I can get it to the repair shop and home and paid for before leaving for Idaho.
Good thing Mom brought me another sewing machine earlier this year. It's a p.o.s. singer, but it sews forward. Thank goodness.
In Oregon, we the Taxpayers, get a "kicker refund." Ours came this week. Wonder if I can talk dearest husband of mine into letting me go shopping for sewing machines. Only problem is I don't trust the computerized machines and finding a good, reliable, not made by some dump of a factory, mechanical machine is hard. If not impossible. Anyone know of a company that makes good quality old-style machines. Not really old, just pre-computerization. And I HATE Singer and White so don't even bother suggesting it.
What I have is a Viking 6030. It sews like butter. It is music to my ears. I just spent $100 getting it's gears fixed. Maybe I should just get things fixed on it as I go and see how long it lasts?

In other news, I found out how to calm a fussy E. Simple, take his clothes off and set him on the floor. Happy as a clam in a mud bed. He's going to be just like G in that regard I think. Then I'll have 2 naked kids tearing up the garden. Look out world.

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mmm&m (mollie) said...

you know, I got a new sewing machine on a whim about 2 years ago--- a singer IZEK (yeah, yeah, I know...). Anyway, I hate it, I hate the gameboy thing, hate it hate it hate it. I sooooo wish that I had my old kenmore that I got when I was in jr. high--- I knew that thing backwards & forwards..