Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I had a talk with the camera and it agreed to work awhile longer since we just blew $600 on the truck.
Here's a picture with G and our fresh jam. It's still cooling on the counter as I type this. I'm so proud of my labels too.
Of course, this wasn't a simple jam making project--it's me after all. Yesterday I took G up to our berry picking spot. Berries are 99cents a pound, all you can eat free, and no row bosses telling what to pick and how much. Perfect. He loved it last year and gorged himself on berries. This year, we picked about 1/2#, he refused to let a berry pass his lips and took off for the highway when he decided the adventure was over. So I bought a flat of fresh picked (they have teens working there who pick so you can just buy a pre-picked flat) raspberries. It was only $20 so a good deal still. And we headed home.
I discovered that no place in town sells Pomona's pectin, my preferred brand, and only had one box. So I could only do about 1/2 flat.
I got all my stuff ready and canned up pretty red raspberry jam.
Then C comes home and notes that it look funny. In going back over the recipe, I realized I tripled the recipe, but only double the fruit juice and didn't increase the pectin at all. Ooops. So I re-made the jam this morning. And I still need to drive up to Tigard to buy more pectin before the other 1/2 rots. That is if I can convince G to leave the house. He's not fond of that lately.
But I have jam for my dad and brother (and us!) that is sweetened only with fruit juice and stevia. And it tastes great. Guess I'll need to make crackers or bread soon.

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