Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Just the 3 of us

The digital camera is on its last legs. I need to shop for a new one, so until then, no pictures. Sorry.
Sunday, M left with my parents for 2 weeks of fun and adventure. G was initially quite excited about the idea when it was introduced. Upon seeing the reality of M getting into Gramma and Papa's cool van with all the supplies necessary for an 8 hour drive (EnjoyLife cookies, chocolate bars, books, and a personal DVD player), it seemed rather unfair. So he screamed for awhile. Today, 3 days later, he's still having a hard time adjusting. We rented Cars, we've eaten lots of rice and canned peaches, and pretty much taken it easy. Today we went to McMinnville to enjoy their funky and friendly downtown. I bought yarn for a couple of projects (I will finish them, I will finish them, I will finish them), we stopped for lunch at Harvest Fresh and we stopped and played at Hopscotch toystore. I even found a toy for my niece that I think she will love. It is a lacing toy that has a wooden "needle" attached to yarn that gets threaded through lots of holes in a (3-D) beehive. She's at the age where she will sit forever and stick something small into a hole, especially keys. But we're having a hard time find key toys for toddlers. Anyone know of anything?
The weather here absolutely cannot make up its mind. We had lots of sun and warm weather for awhile, then it got cold again. As in, polar fleece jacket in the afternoons. Now it is sunny and warm again. It might decide to stay this time since summer officially starts tomorrow. Yay Solstice! Maybe G and I will find a Solstice celebration tomorrow or Friday and go to that. We'll see.
Time to wake sleeping munchkin!

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