Friday, January 28, 2011

A little creative variety

My dad, PapaCoyote, had the idea to let my kids experience a different kind of gardening.  So he gave them mushroom kits for Christmas!  M especially has had a lot of fun tending to his various fungus.  E could care less, so M has taken over all 3.  Why all 3?  Well, if you take over responsibility for 2, they're all yours, right?  Besides, G has the Wii basketball to master, so he's busy.  I believe Dad bought the kits from Territorial Seed.
Anyway, we had our first Shitake harvest today.  Here's the take.  I don't know what we're having for dinner yet, but it includes fresh sauteed mushrooms!

The crayons have been popular lately and the kids really want to color together.  Well, make that Baby M really wants to color with her brothers.  And on the wall.  Time for a 2 birds with one stone solution.  I grabbed a roll of paper and taped it to the wall under the window in the dining room.  Just cheap IKEA paper.  This is my thoughtful young artist making sure his castle has everything it needs.  It took him all of 1 minute to adapt to the idea of sharing art space with his sister.  He is such an awesome and patient big brother!  He amazes me everyday.

My camera ham.  I get out the camera and she poses in front of it.  What's funny is that her brothers have all done this too, but she is so different!  See?  What a nice, sweet pose!  She smiles too, but every time I snapped the picture, she stopped.  Oh well.

Getting ready for Valentines Day!  I made this felt heart banner this week.  Every other heart has a candy heart-type saying on it written out in fabric paint.  If anyone is interested in a how-to, let me know.


GoofyJ said...

oh wow! I can't believe how big she is already! Goodness! and yay for mushrooms!

Kathy said...

Good idea on the paper. I should've taped paper to all my walls for a couple of years. It would've saved me a lot of painting! Cool mushrooms. That's a fun project.

GinaG said...

I had to chuckle at this one. We had mural paper all around our house for years because Athena was sure you could only write on walls.

Cool mushroom kits. My mom gave us the same one when we were in college. I'm considering doing Oyster or Maitake mushrooms but my husband isn't won over to the idea yet.

Shady Lady said...

I love mushrooms! And oh my...I can't believe how big they both are getting!!!

Papacoyote said...

Glad to see the mushrooms are growing. The papered walls is a great idea. I can imagine a family draw in. The kits came from Olympic, WA.