Friday, December 03, 2010

What's keeping me warm

I bought this sweater a year ago with a birthday gift card.  I heart Anthropologie.  It turns out I'm wearing it a lot these days.
You can find me standing around, wearing my sweater, and holding a steaming mug of tea.
Hey.  At least it's sunny today!  But you know what I learned those years in Moscow at the UofI?  Sun in winter = colder day.

Also going on:  My sewing got all spiffed up by my Mum.  What an awesome birthday present, eh?  So I'been taking advantage of being able to find things by making a mess lol.  My daughter is potty learning.  At 19 months.  And she is teeny.  They don't make panties in a size 12 mos.  So I'm sewing away, making panties and training panties.  Pretty ones too.  I knew I'd eventually have a use for rose print knit scraps.  :-)

And I can't say too much publicly about my knitting project.  But it is loads of fun and involves this yarn in colorway chlorophyll.  Yum!
I have a million more projects I'd like to be working on.  But I have 5 very important projects whom I love very much.  Someday more of them will be a bit more self-sufficient.  SOME of them may even learn to not fiddle with things they shouldn't in the sewing room.  Maybe.
Now, off to make some dinner--that reminds me. I have oodles of recipes I need to get posted to the cooking blog.  Including chocolate syrup!  Then I'm heading to Alicia Paulson book signing up in Portland tonight.  Lucky Me!!  Just makes me aware of my lack of a really cute purse when I go out on my own sans diaper bag. :-(  But I'll have fun neverless.


lindsay said...

Love the sweater!

Khourt said...

That sweater looks like it can be worn with a lot of things. Love it!

Shady Lady said...

That sweater is gorgeous!!!!!

annette said...

The sweater looks so fun to cuddle up in with a cup a tea! Wish I could have gone to Alicia's book signing.