Friday, November 19, 2010

Lost tooth!

I think the picture pretty much sums it up.
He has been wiggling it like mad lately, and it finally fell out just before school today.  He was a a little concerned about the whole blood thing, but was reassured pretty quickly.  M helped him wrap it up in a tissue and stash it in a sandwich baggy until bedtime.  He is still pondering whether or not to let the tooth fairy take it or keep it for himself.  The latter requires a written letter around here. We'll see what he decides.


lindsay said...

...a written letter. That's good! (It's Lindsay Zook, Hi Sarah!)

Khourt said...

Such a fun thing for a child!

RasJane said...

Thanks Khourt and Lindsay.
Written letter does sound funny. Meaning not dictated to mom and dad, but actually painstakingly written by the child. The toothfairy may have a collection of these. Somewhere.